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Welcome to the
Awakening into Oneness Global Experiment!

This FREE 8 week online course is Beyond “Spiritual Healing”

You will experience “Direct Spiritual Awakening”

This is an 8 week online course
dedicated to “Higher Consciousness”

Welcome one and ALL, no matter your race, religion, background, social status, creed, age, body type, or sex......welcome to UNITY! This online course has been created to be NEUTRAL and discuss the Divine in whatever form resonates with YOU. This course will apply to you no matter your background, faith or belief.

EVERYONE across the board wants to be HAPPY and loved.
This online retreat will open you to newfound happiness, love, joy, bliss, abundance and miracles that are beyond the comprehension of the mind.

To register for this class is simple, simply click on the link above, create a
username and password and get started! There is no set schedule, no time or dates to do it.
You can do this online class at your leisure, whenever you wish!

You will receive weekly reminder e-mails to help keep you on track!

Your Spiritual Healing Process Finally Ends
With the assistance of Grace Blessings!

More powerful, faster and easier than any type of "spiritual healing" you've ever done, this Awakening into Oneness Global Experiment course helps you accelerate your spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Achieve and stabilize in your enlightenment, create new habits, and create heaven on earth.

This is real practical results for the real world!

Why is this FREE? What is the catch?

No catch. The ONLY thing I ask you to do is, once you start receiving the energy found in this course and your life begins to radically shift for the better on all levels, PLEASE SHARE ABOUT THIS EXPERIMENT WITH THOSE YOU LOVE THE MOST!

That is it, that is all I ask, simply spread the good word!

In this course you will:

Receive Grace Blessings which initiate your Enlightenment and Awakening process. This energy radically opens the Crown Chakra to assist you in letting in all the GOOD that the Universe desires to bestow upon you!

Then you learn some fun and simple things to re-teach the mind just a bit so you can stay in the FLOW of where Grace is trying to carry you to!

Grace is going to bring you to your highest and greatest destiny and we want the mind in support of that, not resisting and fighting it. You will learn methods to “LET GO and LET GOD” so to speak.

When I refer to God here, I am referring to the “One being”, “One Energy”, the “All-ness”, The Creator of all creation. Whatever form of the Divine or God feels good to YOU, go with it! This course was designed for EVERYONE.

This is a come as you are party and I DO hope you enjoy this ride!

I think you will find this spiritual course very different from anything you have ever done before. For one thing, I am not going to ask you to work on anything in this course. No more fixing, healing, clearing your “issues”.

You will Receive the energy, let go and live your life. I think you will find that this formula is SIMPLE, EASY and makes life so much more yummy and fun!

You just may never go back to healing yourself ever again, because you will be LIVING your life instead of healing it, yourself or “issues”.

This is NEW, this is REAL and this is DIFFERENT!

You are about to enter a brand new reality.

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